Get Ready @ Edinburgh Napier

The essential guide to preparing for university life & managing your studies

Get Ready for University

Coming to university, or even just thinking about it? We’re here to help you to get ready.

This site has been designed to get you started and give you information, advice, and even a little bit of training on the main things you will need to know. You can dip in and out to find out about one topic at a time – or if you’re really keen you can take it from the top and work all the way through!

You will find information on each topic – telling you the essential things you need to know. Also, to back this up, there are strategically placed activities to deepen your understanding.

And because we like to make life easy, all our topics are arranged under 4 main areas:


What's university all about?

What has university got to offer you? Is it different from school or college? And how will you make the most of it all?

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What to expect

The inside track on how to live, thrive and survive at university and beyond.

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How to study

Make masterful notes, take critical thinking to a new level, discover the secrets to righteous referencing, and much, much more…

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How to succeed

Writing for essays, reports, posters and the rest. Review, edit and present like a pro. Essential revision and exam hacks. We’ve got it all.

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Merchiston is home to the School of Engineering and Built Environment, the School of Arts and Creative Industries, the School of Computing and also Napier Students' Association.

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Recently extended and improved, this campus houses the whole of our Business School.

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This new £60m campus is where our School of Health, Life and Social Sciences and our School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Care call home.

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