Get Ready @ Edinburgh Napier

The essential guide to preparing for university life & managing your studies.

Please note that we are currently updating this site, so please bear with us. You can still look at the pages, but some details will be subject to change.

Get Ready for University

Coming to university, or even just thinking about it? We’re here to help you to get ready.

This site provides advice to aspiring university students. Topics can be explored one at a time or in sequence. They are arranged under four themes. Follow the cards below to get started.


What to expect

Advice for how to live and thrive at university and beyond.

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How to study

Make effective notes, develop your critical thinking, learn all about referencing, and much more.

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How to succeed

Find out how best to write essays, reports, posters, and the rest. Learn how to re-draft, edit and present effectively. Discover revision and exam tips.

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Merchiston is home to the School of Engineering and Built Environment, the School of Arts and Creative Industries, the School of Computing, and also Edinburgh Napier Students' Association.

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Recently extended and improved, and boasting beautiful grounds, this campus hosts our Business School.

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The newest of our campuses, Sighthill is home to our School of Applied Science and School of Health & Social Care.

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